Our children follow a progressive PE curriculum which teaches the skills necessary for a variety of sporting and creative activities, and according to the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The government has provided additional funding to schools in the form of a sports premium to improve provision for physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools.  The sports premium has been raised this year and is approximately £19,000.  Last year (17/18) we were awarded £15,270.  Click here for more information regarding this.

We believe that embedding healthy lifestyle habits and a love of physical activity in children is essential to good development, as well as reinforcing core values such as respect, teamwork and taking responsibility for oneself.

This year, 2018/19, we have chosen to use our Sports Premium for the following initiatives:

  • Swimming for Years 3 and 6: £6,000 per annum
  • Gymnastics taught by qualified coach across the school to improve gymnastics skills and specifically in Foundation Stage and Year 1 children to improve fine and gross motor skills: £2,660 per annum
  • Gymnastics club taught by a qualified gymnastics coach to those children identified as talented  – signposting to British Gymnastics and London Gymnastics which provides a clear pathway for increasing participation and developing talent: £1,520 per annum
  • A qualified Sports Coach and an Apprentice Sports Coach working with children daily, during lunchtimes, playtimes and PE: £23,000 per annum
  • Continuing to invest in school bikes and training in our ‘everyone a cyclist’ initiative: £1,500

Total: £34,680

The impact of our initiatives so far have been:

  • A better level of physical development in our younger children with improved fine and gross motor skills – most noticeable impact on children with special educational needs
  • A greater proportion of children successfully representing the school in gymnastics competitions
  • Children appear more confident in PE lessons and are keen to take part in PE lessons.  In a survey 86% of children said they enjoyed PE lessons more since our new initiatives were put in place.
  • A greater proportion of children leave our school as competent swimmers
  • A greater proportion of children leave our school as competent cyclists
  • Children appear to be fitter and are able to talk about healthy lifestyles and healthy choices with greater confidence
  • An increase in girls playing football at lunch and break times

Year 6 Swimming Competency

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